Fair Sentencing for Youth


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  • CARES Call May 15th, 8pm: Phal Sok speaks on his remarkable life & immigration laws in the US

    Join the call! Phal was a youth tried as an adult shortly after his father passed away in 1999. He was sentenced to nearly 24 years in prison but became eligible for earlier parole through SB 260 youth parole.   More »

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  • Find a picture of yourself at age 14 or 15 and you can help pass SB 1391! 

    Dig up a picture of yourself at age 14 or 15 and help remind Californians just how young kids sentenced as adults   More »

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  • SUMMER FELLOWSHIP OPENING: Paid Policy Fellowship

    Working to End the Practice of Trying Youth as Adults in California

    Youth Promise Policy Fellowship Description
    A broad range of organizations is working to end the practice of trying children as adults in California. Four summer   More »

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  • May 1st 8pm CARES Call is on Commutations and Pardons. Join us!

    Join CARES for Youth for a candid and informative discussion of pardons and commutations of sentences in California. Our guest Colby Lenz will focus on the  commutation application process and give us insight into recent grants made by

      More »

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  • CARES Call! Tuesday April 17th at 8pm

    Writing a letter in support of a proposed new law or for someone who is preparing for a parole board hearing can be daunting. This Tuesday, you will get tips and tools making letter writing easy and your words   More »

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