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Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Get your own copy of the NEW Youth Offender Parole (SB 260) guide for prisoners and their families and friends. Click here for a link (we ask that you give us basic contact info so we can let you know in the future if there are updates to the guide.) If you have problem accessing the guide, please send an email to ecalvin@hrw.org with the subject line “I cannot get the YOPH materials.”

With new information and additional chapters, the guide includes:

  • An updated  guide to understanding the Youth Offender Parole process;
  • An introduction to how to prepare for a parole hearing;
  • An interview with a murder victim family member who has important words for inmates and their family members to consider; and
  • Advice from several people who successfully paroled from California prisons.

This guide will be sent in late May, 2014 to prisoners who may be eligible for Youth Offender Parole.  And, we will soon have a version in Spanish. (We hope to translate it into other languages as well, but do not yet have the resources.)

New Calif Supreme Court Case on Life Sentences for Youth: Learn about it at the CARES Family & Friends Call!

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

On May 5th, 2014 the Calif. Supreme Court issued a landmark decision about life sentences for youth, holding that judges must consider the attributes of youth when considering imposing a life without parole sentence.  You can hear an expert explain the case on May 6th, the CARES Family and Friends call.

JOIN US! Tuesday, May 6th, at 8:00 pm and welcome our guest speaker: RICHARD BRAUCHER

Mr. Braucher is a criminal appellate attorney who has for many years fought for the rights of youth tried as adults and sentenced to adult prison sentences. In addition, he played a crucial role working for the passage of both SB 9 and SB 260. He will join the CARES family and friends call and describe what this new ruling from the California Supreme Court means.  JUST CALL TO JOIN. Conference Dial-in Number: (805) 399-1000; Participant Access Code:  817682#