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SB 261 Passed out of Senate Appropriations! Now…to the Senate Floor.

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

May 28th SB 261, a bill that would extend Youth Offender Parole to age 23, passed out of the Appropriations Committee and soon will be voted on by the full senate. NOW is your chance to help!  Be a part of changing California law and send a letter to your senator.

She’s spent 15 years in prison. But not as a prisoner. Join us 5/19/15 for a CARES call and learn from her. Also! Update on SB 261 and 382. Join us!

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Join us for the CARES Family & Friends Call Tuesday, May 19th at 8:00 pm when we welcome Meredith, a psychologist with 15 years of experience in California prisons and 26 years as a special education teacher. She will speak to CARES about crucially important topics for friends, families, and their loved ones inside, including:

  • Dealing with anxiety and depression–for your loved one AND yourself: these are normal responses to very stressful situations;
  • Being aware of learning disabilities – including “hidden” ones: the more you know, the better your loved one can prepare for parole;
  • How continued family support and encouragement can really help someone on the inside; learn how you can be more effective in supporting your loved ones;
  • Ways to advocate and maintain connection; and
  • What information about your loved one is important to pass on.

 JUST CALL TO JOIN! Call: (805) 399-1000    Code: 817682#

One brother murdered. Another sent to prison for life for a crime as a teen. Hear this woman’s journey and how Healing Dialogues help. Join our call.

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Tuesday May 5th at 8pm call  (805) 399-1000 and use the code: 817682# And join us for the CARES Family & Friends Call on Tuesday, May 5th at 8:00 pm when we welcome Sandra. Sandra’s brother was murdered and the results were devastating to her family and friends. Then another brother was convicted for a crime he committed at age 17 and was sentenced to life in prison.

She has experienced both the harm caused by violence and the broken criminal justice system.

Sandra is now a part of “Healing Dialogue and Action,” a group that brings together family members of murder victims and family members of youth sentenced to long prison terms. There, people listen to each other with compassion. They accompany each other in healing. And they act. They are people who know what is wrong with the system, joining together to change it.

Sandra will talk about her family’s experiences with both her brothers, describe the Healing Dialogue process and answer your questions. A new dialogue will be held on May 16th in Los Angeles. If you might be interested, listen to Sandra’s experience to learn more. Read more at http://www.healingdialogueandaction.org/

Read this Sac Bee piece and pass it on: Why CA needs to reform its law

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

We need to stop the flow of young people into the adult criminal system. Read this piece by Elizabeth Calvin in the Sac Bee, and then take action to support SB 382.

SB 261 passed in its first hearing! New letters needed to Senators.

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

On April 29th, SB 261 passed out of the Senate Public Safety Committee with a vote of 5 to 2. Thanks for your help! Now we need YOU to send a letter to YOUR OWN senator. Easy-to-use letters are here on the Take Action page! Support expanding youth parole through age 22. It will next be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee on May 11th.

Let’s stop sending so many youth to adult court. Support SB 382!

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

Each time Caifornia decides to send a youth to the adult system, it harms that young person and every one of us. Do you know someone who was “fitnessed up?” Help it keep from happening to the next kid. It’s ideal if letters get in by 5/5 at 5pm. Support SB 382. It’s easy! Click here.