Fair Sentencing for Youth



Justice ballot measure hit hard by DA lawsuit…But not knocked out! Appeal to Supreme Court will happen immediately.

On 2/24/16  Judge Chang of the Sacramento Superior Court granted the California District Attorneys Association’s writ to turn back a ballot measure about juvenile and adult criminal justice. The decision will be immediately appealed to the California Supreme Court. The lower court held that the AG abused her discretion by allowing amendments, holding that they were not reasonably germane to the original measure. The judge concluded that the original measure was about juvenile justice and the revised version is about the adult criminal justice system. The court also held that proponents could not submit substantive amendments after the close of the public comment period, notwithstanding the five-day period specifically permitted in the statute. Lawyers for the community groups and others supporting the measure strongly disagree with the lower court’s analysis, and look to he Supreme Court to overturn the decision. Read a newspaper article here.

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