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Do Something Small & Help Create Big Change.

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Justice Ballot Initiative: Can you commit to getting just four signatures? California has the chance to make big changes to its criminal justice system with an initiative that would be voted on by the people in November. But if we don’t get enough signatures, it won’t be on the ballot. There are just six weeks left to get the signatures we need, and we’re behind. Please step up and help out! You might think the little you can do won’t matter. The opposite is true.

If passed, the Safety and Rehabilitation Act would:
1. Make judges, not prosecutors, the ones who decide whether a youth stays in juvenile court and gets services, or goes to the adult system; 2. Increase parole chances for prisoners with non-violent offenses; and 3. Make it possible for anyone in prison to work off time or get credit on a prison sentence by participating in education, treatment, and rehabilitation programs. Help make it happen!

April 5th join the CARES Call and learn about Youth Offender Parole

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

This next Tuesday we are pleased to present on the CARES for Youth telephone meeting for families and friends of youth sentenced to adult prison: Attorney and Professor Beth Caldwell speaking on Youth Offender Parole.  Join this call and learn how yo help your loved one.

Beth Caldwell is an Associate Professor at Southwestern Law School where she teaches legal writing and trial skills. She oversees the school’s Youth Offender Parole Clinic, which provides pro bono representation in Youth Offender Parole hearings. Professor Caldwell previously worked as a public defender and as the Director of Youth Development at Venice Community Housing Corporation. Her research focuses on juvenile justice and immigration issues.

Professor Caldwell will explain how your loved ones can be helped by letters of support to the parole board, and how to prepare for the pre-parole psychological evaluation. She will also answer questions about SB 260 and SB 261. Everyone  is welcome!  TUESDAY, APRIL 5TH, 8PM: JUST CALL TO JOIN!   CALL: (641) 715-3670  Code: 817682#

YOU can directly work to change CA law. Help keep youth in the juvenile justice system.

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

The Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act is an initiative that can dramatically change whether youth end up in the adult system as well as affect credit and parole practices. In order to pass into law this initiative must be voted on, by the people, on the 2016 presidential election ballot.

900,000 signatures in support of this initiative must be collected by the first week of May in order to qualify the initiative to be on the ballot. Hundreds of volunteers are needed from across the state to go out to their neighborhoods, schools, religious communities, malls, etc. and help collect signatures.

Please complete this questionnaire if you would like to get involved. This can only be achieved with the support of everyone passionate about this cause.

Here is a summary of The Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016:

  • Require that judges, not prosecutors, decide whether a young person is tried as an adult, and give judges more options when considering this important question;
  • Authorize adult parole consideration for people in prison with nonviolent offenses who complete the full sentence for their primary offense; and
  • Allow prisoners to earn credits for good behavior, education, and rehabilitative achievement.