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If you haven’t committed to collect four signatures, you’re missing a chance to be a part of changing California law. You’re also helping those who want to defeat this effort.

Thursday, April 7th, 2016

If passed, this act would give credit for work in prison, reducing sentences, & prosecutors would never again be able to file youth cases in adult court.  Click here to have petitions sent to you. Don’t fail to act because you think the little you can do doesn’t matter. The opposite is true. We will win only with one signature at a time. (List “Fair Sentencing” as the organization when you complete the form requesting petitions.)

The initiative is big! It would make rehabilitation a priority for criminal justice. It would allow prisoners who are in education, treatment, and rehabilitation programs to work off some of their sentence. It would mean judges, not prosecutors decide whether a youth stays in juvenile court and gets rehabilitation services, or goes to the adult system.

­­­­­­Read the text of the proposed law here.