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July 19th 8pm CARES Call welcomes home Bernard after 25 years in prison. We’ll learn from him about Youth Offender parole.

Monday, July 18th, 2016

JOIN US!  Tuesday night we have a double-header with two wonderful guests: Bernard paroled under SB 261 Youth Offender Parole just a few weeks ago, and Dominik Taylor is a staff attorney from Root and Rebound.  Join us for the CARES for Youth Family and Friends Call on Tuesday, July 19th at 8PM Just call in to join! Everyone is welcome. Call: (641) 715-3670 Code: 817682#

Bernard paroled from prison on June 22nd.

Tuesday night we’ll welcome home Bernard, who did more than 25 years in prison. He had a Youth Offender Parole hearing because he was 22 years old at the time of his crime. Join us to hear the story of how, as a young man, he ended up on a path of destruction and in deep trouble with the law. Then learn how his hard work made parole possible. He became a leader in several prisoner-led groups, helping himself and many others. (For example, he facilitated the Victim Offender Education Group; Victim Offender Education- Next Step; Guiding Rage into Power; and Alliance for Change.)

Bernard has advice for you and your loved one about how to make Youth Offender Parole work for you. Also, he paroled to an out-of-state location, and can describe how that was possible.

Dominik Taylor is a staff attorney at Root and Rebound.

Dominik will tell us about Root & Rebound resources for the CARES community. He will also speak about an upcoming interactive toolkit that will make it possible for you and your loved one inside to work on a timeline of activities together and prepare for reentry. Prior to working for Root and Rebound, Dominik represented non-citizens in deportation hearings; interned at the Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem, New York; the Federal Public Defender in Richmond, Virginia; and at the Supreme Court of Virginia. After graduating from law school, Dominik worked at the San Diego County Public Defender, where he represented people charged with misdemeanors, and was a Law Fellow at the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, where he represented people on Alabama’s death row.

Learn about Youth Offender Parole & get an update on family visits!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

Tuesday, July 5th at 8pm

Join the call: CARES meeting for Families and Friends

 Learn about Youth Offender Parole from experienced parole attorney, Laura Sheppard

Also! Get a brief update on the status of family visits for lifers

Ms. Sheppard will explain SB 260 / SB 261, Youth Offender Parole and answer your questions.

Join us! Everyone is welcome.  Call: (641) 715-3670  Code: 817682#
Laura Sheppard has worked with lifers since 2009. Her practice also includes trial-level and appellate criminal defense. She trains students and young attorneys in parole work. She has been state-appointed at seven different prisons, and currently has private (retained) clients at 13 prisons.
Ms. Sheppard’s involvement with lifers began as a child, when her parents mentored a lifer through the Match-2 program. Later, this lifer was to become her first client. With her help, he paroled to her parents’ home in 2013, after 38 years in prison. He recently passed away, and Laura considers her work to be his legacy.  Read more about here and get her updates on relevant changes in the law: www.facebook.com/lrsheppardlaw

It’s OFFICIAL! Prop 57 will be on the November Ballot.

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

In November, California voters across the state will vote on Proposition 57. If passed, people in prison could earn credit toward their sentences by working on rehabilitation in education, vocational training, and treatment. It would also slow the flow of children into adult courts by taking away the authority of DAs to decide the fate of a child, and instead having judges determine whether a youth gets the help available in the juvenile system or faces adult prison terms. Learn more here. Send an email here if you would like updates and want to get involved.