Fair Sentencing for Youth



Hear Jason’s story of success with a SB 261 Youth Offender Parole Hearing!

Join us for the CARES Family & Friends Call Tuesday, December 6th at 8:00 pm when we welcome JASON who was just paroled a few weeks ago under SB 261. His talk will be packed with important information for anyone seeking parole under SB260/261. Join us! Everyone is welcome. Call: (641) 715-3670 Code: 817682#

At age 20 Jason was sentenced to 15-to-life for Second Degree Murder. He spent more than 23 years in prison and is among the first people paroled under the expanded Youth Offender Parole process, SB 261. His own hard work and the help of the Youth Offender Parole process led to his release November 8th. Jason will describe his life journey and what he did to prepare for his hearing and release. He’ll share heartfelt insights into his crime, and describe how even without a “perfect” prison record he was able to use self-study, programs, and inmate-led groups to earn parole. He will answer your questions about the hearing process and what commissioners are looking for in people’s lives.


There will be time to for you to welcome him home and ask questions.

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