Fair Sentencing for Youth



Prop 57 Proposed Regs are out!

CDCR released their proposed regulations for Prop 57: Prop 57 Emerg Regs.

They are “emergency regulations,” which means they will go into effect quickly and will be in use while the permanent regulations go through the formal vetting process, including a 45-day public comment period. Learn more about what is in the regs and how you can participate in the public comment period: Download this Prop 57 Slideshow PDF. There you’ll  get an overview of the process and a description of the content of the emergency regulations. Here’s a  Prop 57 Regulations Sample Letter with Instructions 3-24-17 to use to weigh in!

The emergency regulations can stay in effect for 180 days. We can expect that prior to the end of that period the permanent regulation rule-making process will occur, and during that time there will be a minimum 45-day period for written public comments. There will also be public hearings. As people who care about this issue, we should weigh in at every chance. Stay tuned to learn about other deadlines, public hearings, and more.



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