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CARESCall, Tuesday December 18th: Learn from Mike Nelson about resources for healing for people in prison and out.

Dear Friends and Families:

Please join our next CARESCall on Tuesday, December 18th, at 8pm, as we welcome Mike Nelson, a co-founder of San Quentin’s effective and dynamic lifer group, “Kid C.A.T” and now a  wellness educator at the Ahimsa Collective.  Mr. Nelson will discuss the transformative work being done with prisoners, their families, and others on the outside to heal trauma and create real accountability. This call will introduce resources to help all of us and our loved ones in prison to continue on the path of healing.

Mike Nelson (5th from left) with Kid C.A.T. inside San Quentin in 2013. Now many of these members are out of prison thinks to their hard work, the support of Kid C.A.T. & Youth Offender Parole laws. Photo: The Mercury News

Tuesday, December 18th, 8pm
Mike Nelson, of the Ahimsa Collective
All are welcome!
Call: (515) 604-9384
Code: 313882#


More about the Ahimsa Collective:

Restorative Approaches to Intimate Violence
In Prison:  This 12- to 15- month program utilizes restorative justice practices to explore participants’ relationships to intimate violence – which includes family abuse, sexual violence and domestic violence.

For Survivors: This is an opportunity to have one-on-one conversations, connect to resources, and share survivor stories with in-prison groups. This also provides an opening to participate in a victim-offender dialogue process.

Community Circles
Community Circles helps build communities as people work through conflict or harm in families, universities, organizations, community groups, and places of spiritual worship.

Kid C.A.T. (Creating Awareness Together)
Founded by a group of men who have committed crimes as youth and were sentenced to life terms. Kid C.A.T.’s mission is to inspire humanity through education, mentorship, and restorative practices.

Victim Offender Dialogues
This impactful restorative justice model uses face-to-face meetings between the person who was harmed and the person responsible for the harm.

Trauma Education for Law Enforcement and System Professionals
The group offers trauma training for law enforcement and systems professionals, in collaboration with the Transformational Prison Project. People working in law enforcement are provided the tools to process their trauma, so officers are less likely to lose flexibility and their humanity on the job and at home.

More about our CARESCall presenter, Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson was introduced to restorative justice work in 2008 while participating in the Victim Offender Education Group in prison. As someone who committed his crime at the age of 15, Nelson connected early on with his responsibility to hold himself accountable for his choices. He actively contributes to the healing capacity to the communities of people around him. Today, utilizes his capacity to represent those who are currently incarcerated, particularly those who identify as youth offenders. Among other things, he is helping to initiate the Kid C.A.T. model in other prisons. As a co-founder of the Kid C.A.T. program, and imagined the concept behind the Acting with Compassion and Truth program, which supports of the exploration of identity, gender, and sexuality, Nelson is committed to one’s search of the self.