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CARESCall March 19, 2019: “ARC” has great resources. Learn how your loved one can be involved, & hear about new bills they’re working on!

Monday, March 18th, 2019

Left to Right: Esteban Nuñez, April Grayson, and Aldo Romero.

On the next CARESCall, you will hear from three dedicated members of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) team. We’ll begin our discussion with Esteban Nuñez, ARC’s Sacramento coordinator, who will walk us through the bills they hope to pass this year. Later, we’ll hear from ARC life coaches, April Grayson and Aldo Romero, who will describe ARC’s approach to planning for success on the outside. They will also talk about how ARC members can become involved with policy work in Sacramento and elsewhere. You will hear about ARC’s resources for parole planning, parole hearings, and re-entry. Listen in to learn how to become involved with ARC, or just get advice from their life coaches about how to support your loved ones inside and out of prison. This is going to be another great CARESCall!

If you have a loved one who is preparing for parole or recently released from prison and in need of advice or services, this is a CARESCall that you do not want to miss.

This Tuesday,
March 19, 2019,
8:00 PM
Esteban Nuñez, April Grayson, and Aldo Romero
Anti-Recidivism Coalition
All are welcome!
Call: (515) 604-9384
Code: 313882#

Dennis Flynn, CARES for Youth
Elizabeth Calvin, Human Rights Watch

More about our CARESCall panelists

About the Anti-Recidivism Coalition
The Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) is a support network for, and comprised of, formerly incarcerated individuals devoted to changing their lives by becoming leaders in their communities. ARC accomplishes its goals by providing job training, and connecting its members to employment, housing and educational opportunities in order to help them acquire the social capital and skills necessary to support themselves and their families. ARC began as an annual camping trip bringing together a few dozen formerly incarcerated young people with positive mentors to offer encouragement, guidance, and resources. Today, ARC has grown into a support and advocacy network of hundreds of members, and hundreds more volunteer mentors and allies, committed to helping one another through reentry and advocating for a just criminal justice system. 

Esteban Nuñez
ARC Sacramento Coordinator

Esteban Nuñez spent six years incarcerated in California prisons. His childhood  was marked by loss and difficult family issues, and as a teen he sought support from the wrong places. Surrounding himself with misguided friends and risky environments, he ultimately committed a serious crime. Nuñez used the time he was locked up to examine his life, think deeply about the things that led to his crime, and confront the ways he had hurt others. He chose a new path, one committed to a greater purpose and service to others. His priorities now are a deep spiritual life, higher education, and work in service to the community.

Upon release, Nuñez helped open ARC’s Sacramento office, where he is now employed. He is also pursuing a bachelor’s degree in humanities and engineering. His greatest joy in life is helping others. He hopes to help deepen understanding of the human condition, compassion, forgiveness, and redemption.

April Grayson
Life Coach
April Grayson is a life coach for the Anti-Recidivism Coalition in Sacramento. She brings special knowledge about how justice systems harm youth and women in particular. 

Grayson was 19 years old when she entered prison, and spent 17 consecutive years locked up. Her experience gave her a clear understanding of the hardships people go through in prison. Turning her own life around, she committed to becoming a voice on the outside for incarcerated women. Grayson visits institutions to inspire and empower people inside with hope of a better life. She is a dedicated fighter for the dignity of incarcerated women, and works to change laws to ensures women are given opportunities to succeed.

Aldo Romero
Life Coach

Aldo Romero is a life coach at the Anti-Recidivism Coalition in Sacramento. There Romero teaches Transformative Mentoring practices to youth  incarcerated at the Sacramento Youth Facility, and life skills to individuals at the Sacramento County Jail. Romero helps men and women transition back into society in a thoughtful way,  building their self-sufficiency. He teaches a wide range of skills, including: fiscal responsibility, credit building, emotional regulation, and shopping skills. He also assists individuals in building technological skills and prepares them for future apartment searches. Romero’s love for this type of work comes from having served 18 years in prison, and he believes that ARC allows him to best serve those in need of a second chance.