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CARESCall, May 21, 2019: Join us Tuesday to hear from people featured in CNN’s powerful show, “The Redemption Project”!

Jason Clark (right) with Mariah Lucas at her graduation in May 2019.

Did you miss this call? Click on this link to listen to a recording! This Tuesday we hope you’ll join us for an exclusive, deeply personal story told especially for CARESCall listener.

Mariah Lucas’ mother was murdered. It’s hard to imagine surviving that loss. Perhaps even harder to imagine is her decision to sit down with Jason Clark, the man convicted of the crime. 

Ms. Lucas and Mr. Clark chose to meet through a victim-offender dialogue led by Javier Stauring of the group, Healing Dialogue and Action

The results were life-changing for them.  Hearing their story could be life-changing for you. 

Their meeting inspired Van Jones, and ultimately they were featured in the new CNN series, “The Redemption Project,” which is currently airing on Sunday evenings. This week we have the honor of having them on the CARESCall where they will tell their story with a special focus for families and friends of people in prison. As always, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions. 

Prior to their meeting, Mr. Stauring prepared them separately, helping them get ready for whatever might happen. This type of dialogue focuses on providing answers for surviving family members, and gives the person who committed the crime an opportunity to take responsibility for his or her actions. It is a step towards repairing the damage caused by the crime. 

Ms. Lucas and Mr. Clark’s dialogue had a profound impact on their lives, and they formed a deep connection. Hear what happened the day they met, what they are doing now, and their hopes about what will come from sharing this powerful story with the world.

May 21, 2019 at
8:00 pm
Jason Clark, Mariah Lucas, and Javier Stauring

All are welcome!
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About Jason Clark
Mr. Clark returned home after serving 23 years in prison and is active in the restorative justice movement. He is the program coordinator at Healing Dialogue and Action. He also works with InsideOUT Writers, an organization that uses creative writing as a way to reduce juvenile recidivism. There, he is helping to develop The Redemption Podcast.  He is a member of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition, assisting people as they are released from prison. Before joining Healing Dialogue and Action, Mr. Clark worked as a case manager at the Homeless Outreach Program in Los Angeles. He has lobbied in Sacramento, advocating for restorative justice-focused bills. He lives with his girlfriend in Los Angeles, and they enjoy exploring food festivals and shows in the city.

About Mariah Lucas
Ms. Lucas credits the dialogue with Mr. Clark with altering her career trajectory. In the last three years she has volunteered with organizations across the country and helped implement strategies to increase awareness, healing, and forgiveness as ways to reduce the cycle of crime and victimization. A recent graduate of DeVry University and trained in justice administration, Ms. Lucas plans to start her own non-profit. She is dedicated the idea that all people are worthy of happiness, peace, and love, regardless of what they have been through. Her memoir, “I Became: The Stories Within My Scars,” recounts her abusive upbringing. She hopes her book will inspire strength in others to speak out against their abusers. Ms. Lucas lives in Texas, is married, and the mother of three children. 

About Javier Stauring
Mr. Stauring is the executive director of Healing Dialogue and Action (HDA), and has spent his entire career accompanying young people in the juvenile and criminal justice systems, survivors of crime, and families of both. Prior to joining HDA, Mr. Stauring served as the co-director of the Office of Restorative Justice of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, where he managed the largest Catholic detention ministry program in the nation, as well as the victims’ ministry. He is committed to the radical transformation of the juvenile and criminal justice systems. Mr. Stauring was instrumental in the production of “The Redemption Project.” He mediated two of the featured victim-offender-dialogues (VODs) and through his connections with the California Department of Corrections ensured the production of four other VODs which took place in prisons. He believes in the principles of restorative justice which call for reconciliation and healing of victims, offenders, and their communities.