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CARESCall, May 7, 2019: Two people, recently paroled, give advice on how to create a great transition home.

Did you miss this call? Click on this link to listen! On this CARESCall, we welcome two incredible people who have recently paroled after many years in prison. Home for just a few months, Lynn Noyes and Leif Taylor are embracing life and already giving back to their communities. Tuesday night, they will share their experiences of adapting to life outside of prison. Join us to hear what it has been like to adjust to a transitional home, learn new skills, and navigate personal and professional obstacles. They will offer advice and take your questions.

If welcoming home a loved one is in your future, this is a great opportunity to hear how you can be the best possible support during their transition.

Lynn Noyes.

About Lynn Noyes:
Lynn Noyes is a Navy veteran, a domestic violence survivor, and mother of two. Sentenced to 25-years-to-life for crimes that, in part, involved self-defense, she returned home in December, 2018. While incarcerated, Ms. Noyes focused on acquiring skills to help others, and she gained an impressive array. She became a grief counselor, helping women in prison cope with loss. Ms. Noyes knew what it meant to grieve in prison: She lost her 21-year-old daughter to suicide. While at Valley State Prison, she started a domestic violence educational program known as Living Outside Violence Everyday (LOVE). When she was moved to Central California Women’s Facility, she started the LOVE program there, and additionally worked in the prison hospice program. Ms. Noyes built up her leadership skills through advocacy work inside prison with the groups, Justice Now and Survived and Punished. She also was trained to facilitate restorative justice discussions.

Ms. Noyes is currently at a veteran’s transitional center, residing in Monterey County. She is an active volunteer, attends lifer parole meetings, and enjoys dancing, drumming, and running.

Leif Taylor.

About Leif Taylor:
At age 16, Leif Taylor was sentenced to Life in Prison without Parole (LWOP). Incarcerated for over 26 years, a new law made parole possible, and Mr. Taylor was welcomed home in January, 2019. Early on in prison, Mr. Taylor reflected on how his actions affected his victim’s family and his own. He turned his life around and pledged to never commit acts of violence again. However, due to his LWOP sentence, initially Mr. Taylor was not allowed to participate in programming in prison. He was able to start while fighting his case in county jail, obtaining a high school diploma and certificates of achievement from self-help groups. By the time Mr. Taylor went to board, he had an impeccable record with no disciplinary write-ups. He credits his church and faith in sustaining him.

Mr. Taylor now works with Caltrans, beautifying landscapes, roads, and beaches, and he is an active member of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition. He has gone to Sacramento, where he advocated for youth justice bills. He currently resides at a transitional home in Los Angeles County and has a brother and sister-in-law as his support system. Mr. Taylor was able to see his mother for the first time this past week since being released.

This is going to be a CARESCall that you do not want to miss!

May 7, 2019,
8:00 PM

How to Live a Fulfilling Life While Navigating Parole
Lynn Noyes and Leif Taylor

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