Fair Sentencing for Youth




CARES for Youth (Californians Advocating for Reform of Extreme Sentences for Youth) is a coalition of family, friends, and community members dedicated to establishing fair sentencing for all youth. We support one another, educate ourselves and others, seek healing for victims and communities, and mobilize to change how California treats young people.

CARES for Youth members are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, spouses, and significant others of youth sentenced to extreme sentences, and many others who care about human rights and how California treats its youth. We work together to change how California treats young people through advocacy and legislative action.

CARES for Youth presents The CARES Call, a statewide conference call on the first and third Tuesday of each month. The CARES Call content focuses on family members and friends of youth sentenced to adult prison terms but much of the information is of interest to a wider audience.   It’s an hour and a half of sharing and learning, and everyone is welcome to attend!

Learn more about CARES for Youth by visiting us on the web at www.caresforyouth.org or on Facebook. You can add you name to our mailing list by clicking here.  You can reach CARES for Youth by email at info@caresforyouth.org.

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Supporters of fair sentencing for youth march on the capitol

Supporters of fair sentencing for youth march on the capitol

Senator Yee speaks at a vigil

A vigil to remember all those affected by violence and a broken criminal justice system: victims, families of victims and youth, community members, and youth sentenced to adult prison terms.