Fair Sentencing for Youth



Miranda Rights for Youth

Protecting the Rights of Children and Youth in the Custody of Police

California SB 395 has been passed by the legislture (again) and now needs a signature from the Governor. If passed into law, no child age 15 and under will alone when deciding whether to giving up his or her rights and submit to an interrogation. Instead, they will have an attorney who helps them understand their rights and the consequences of waiving those rights.

Read the bill text here.

Then, take action!!  Send a letter! USE THIS EASY-TO-USE Sample letter to Governor Brown.

Watch this very short, very powerful video below. It shows the abusive interrogation of a 13-year-old and discusses last year’s bill, SB 1052. (Note that SB 1052 would have protected youth through age 17. This year’s bill, SB 395, only protects youth through age 15.)

US Youth Miranda Rights









Under current law, police are allowed to:

  • Remove a child from school without a parent’s permission
  • Interrogate a child for hours without a parent’s knowledge
  • Lie to the child about what evidence exists against him or her
  • Threaten long prison sentences
  • Not contact a parent during interrogation, even when a child is asking to speak with their mother or father.

The end result is that children and youth are alone in a very high-pressure situation, and are often frightened.

SB 395 is a bill that, if passed, will make sure a young person age 15 or under gets to talk to an attorney before giving up his or her constitutional rights.

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