Fair Sentencing for Youth



Take Action

    Thank Assembly Members and Senators who voted yes on SB 260! It’s a quick call.

    We know those who oppose SB 260 will call Assembly Members and Senators who voted yes and complain about their votes. Let’s tell legislators we appreciate their yes votes. Call now and thank them for voting yes! It can be discouraging to a policymaker to only hear negative responses when he or she took a stance and did the right thing. We need to let them know that we appreciate their decisions to vote yes on SB 260. Call just the Senator and Assembly Member who represents you , or call everyone who voted yes. It’s a very quick call and you can say something like this:

    Hello, I am calling to thank the [Assembly Member]  [Senator]  for a yes vote on SB 260. Would you please let [him]  [her] know I called to express my gratitude? Thank you!

    Send a thank you note to Governor Brown!

    Senate Bill 260 became law because Governor Brown signed it. Please take a moment and send him a quick thank you note. Let him know in a sentence or two why you are grateful he signed the bill. Or, simply say: “Thank you for signing SB 260 and supporting youth parole hearings.” You can use this link:

    Email Governor Brown

    Help move things forward!

    • Keep checking back here. We will participate in the regulation-making process for SB 260.
    • Sign up for updates right here.
    • Sign up for tweets and get occassional text messages on these important issues. You don’t need a “smart phone” just send a test to the number 40404, and the text: follow fairsentencing It’s free, although your regular text charges will apply.
    • Join CARES, a group of family and freinds of youth. Learn more about CARES or go to www.caresforyouth.org